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EXCITE YOUR EMPLOYEE's KIDS WITH YOUNG-SCIENTIST FUN SCIENCE ACTIVITIES provides unmatched services in science communication and visual learning. Leverage our extensive experience in conducting fun science enrichment activities. 

We can help make employee engagement programmes and CSR activities stand out by enhancing it with useful and entertaining science modules. Our activity modules have been used for different occasions like Children's Day, Bring-Your-Kid-to Work Day, Kiddathon (running event), Republic Day, etc.

Our Science enrichment activities can be integrated into corporate events for any occasion in the form of:

1.Science Shows

2.Science Stalls

3.Exhibitions & Fairs

4.Activity Booths

5.Science Games & Challenges

6.Science decoration provides the best science communicators who can explain complex ideas in simple language that even children can understand. We have designed modules in advanced topics like Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, Forensic Science and Astrophysics.

Professional Training

We also have special modules for professionals. These are based on our research into critical thinking and learnability quotient. We believe that children are rapid learners with high curiosity. If those qualities are combined with the discipline of adults, we get high functioning professionals. Our critical thinking modules are also fun and aim to improve the following:
1.Problem Solving
2.Decision Making
3.Deductive & Inductive Reasoning
4.Leadership & Persuasion

Contact Us

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For any corporate event related query Please call + 91-72006 57181

If the above number is not reachable then call
+91- 73581 61490

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